Rhodes Private Transportation Services

With the wide range of vehicles that are part of our fleet, you can always count on GREtour to meet all types of Rhodes Private Transportation Services and tours needs.

The agency’s fleet is made up of deluxe and recent model vehicles to guarantee our valued clients with only the smoothest, most enjoyable, and most comfortable ride that you can never find anywhere else in Rhodes.

Every vehicle in our fleet has been carefully planned and curated. It is spacious, airconditioned, meticulously maintained through biological cleaning, and complies with Greek laws. Our vehicles and drivers are also fully insured and licensed. All of our drivers have also undergone training to ensure that our clients will arrive at their destination in style and in a timely manner.

It doesn’t if you need to reserve an airport transfer, book a charter, or plan to go on a group tour around Rhodes, you can have peace of mind knowing that we will deliver top-notch dependable service each and every time.

Whether you need to get to the airport as quickly as possible for an important business trip, or you want to attend a special event with your friends in perfect luxury, we are here to help you get to your destination in style on or even ahead of schedule.

Our fleet includes your usual economy sedan and SUV to the luxury van and limo that always turns heads the moment they hit the streets. Every aspect of our Rhodes private transportation services exudes the highest level of professionalism and expertise that makes our clients choose us over and over again.

Our Fleet

From €

Economy Sedan

  • 4 Passengers
  • 3 Bags
From 46.00€


  • 6 Passengers
  • 6 Bags
From 60.00€


  • 3 Passengers
  • 2 Bags
From 35.00€

Luxury Minivan

  • 6 Passengers
  • 6 Bags
From 40.00€

Luxury Minibus

  • 12 Passengers
  • 12 Bags
From 50.00€

Minibus 20seat

  • 8 Passengers
  • 5 Bags
From €


  • 8 Passengers
  • 5 Bags

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