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One of the most picturesque villages in Greece, Lindos, is located at the southeastern side of Rhodes. The village consists of whitewashed houses with pebble paved courtyards and narrow alleys. Lindos has a long history dating back to 400 BC. It is built amphitheatrically around a picturesque bay and this is what makes it so popular among tourists.

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Lindos F.A.Q.

Costs, Taxi fares

How much is a taxi from Rhodes airport to Lindos?

A taxi from Rhodes airport taxi station to Lindos would cost you 75,00 euros. You can achieve a better price if you pre-book the service.

How much is a taxi from Lindos to Rhodes airport?

If you choose to take a taxi from Lindos to Rhodes airport, this would cost you 70,00 euros. This is the price for taking the taxi from the rank or hailing a taxi on the road. If you do not walk to the taxi rank or stay too far from it you can call or pre-arrange an appointment at a specific hour. This will have an extra cost of 3,00 euros.

How much is bus from Rhodes airport to Lindos?

To get to Lindos from Rhodes airport you need to take two bus lines. The first bus line ticket from Rhodes airport to Rhodes town costs 3,00 euros. The second one from rhodes town to Lindos costs 6,00 euros.

How much is a taxi from Lindos to Rhodes Old Town?

Depends on the transportation method you will choose.

A taxi or pre-booked private transfer costs 65,00 euros.

On the other hand, taking the bus is a much cheaper option as a bus ticket costs 6,00 euros.

Distances, Times

How long is Rhodes airport to Lindos transfer time?

The transfer time from Rhodes airport to Lindos varies depending on the way you will choose to get there.

The shortest way is by booking a private transfer which will take about 50-55 minutes.

The next shorter way is taking a taxi from the airport taxi station. This one is going to take the same time if there is not any queue at the taxi station.

Another option is the shuttle bus. This way takes usually 2 – 2,5 hours to get to Lindos as there many stops on the way to Lindos.

The last option is to take the public transportation. Not very popular one as you need first to take the bus to Rhodes town and there to take another bus to Lindos. This way could last from 2,5 to 3 hours.

How long is the transfer from Lindos to Rhodes Old Town?

The transfer from Lindos to Rhodes Old Town depends on the way you will choose to get there as well as the traffic conditions you will meet on the way.

Getting there by any type of car takes 45-50 minutes under normal traffic conditions.

Getting by bus can take up to 2hours (depends on the stops).

How far is Lindos from airport?

Lindos is located 45 km from Rhodes airport. You need about 50-55 minutes to get there by car.

Transfer Options

Is there bus from Rhodes airport to Lindos?

Sadly, there is not any direct bus line that connects Rhodes airport with Lindos. To get to Lindos you need to take the bus to Rhodes town and change to another bus line after you arrive. For bus timetables visit the transportation companies sites

Rhodes airport to Rhodes town, frequency 1 hour —-> RODA

Rhodes town to Lindos, frequency 30 minutes ——–> Ktel Rodou

How do I get from Rhodes airport to Lindos?

There are a few options to get from the airport to Lindos.

The quickest and cheapest is by your own (rented) car.

The quickest but most expensive is by taxi or private transfer services.

An also cheap way but long time is taking a shuttle bus service or the public transportation.


Is there a nightlife in Lindos?

The nightlife in Lindos village is lively. There are lots of the bars and clubs that stays open late playing loud music. Some of them are Amphitheatre club, Arches, Yannis bar etc.  So if you are looking for a place where you can party all night long, this is your best destination.

What is Lindos sea temperature?

In general, during the months of July-August-September you will find the warmest waters. You can check annual insights about or the current sea temperature in Lindos here.

Weather in Lindos Rhodes

Lindos is one of the sunniest places in Greece throughout the year. Winters are warm and Summers very hot. Temperature in Lindos can easily reach the 45°C during the summer months! That brings it among the 5 hottest places in Greece.

Weather in Lindos in October

October with May are the best months to visit Lindos. Temperature are between 20°C-24°C that makes it perfect for holidays. Sea temperature is also ideal for swimming.

Does lindos have an airport?

No, Lindos does not have an airport. The closest airport is 45km away, on the west coast, at Paradisi.

Is there Uber in Lindos?

Yes, there is Uber in Lindos village. However, it’s important to note that Uber’s availability may be more limited compared to larger cities or more touristy areas. It’s also possible that Uber drivers may have a harder time navigating the village’s narrow streets and alleys.

Any other questions about Lindos?

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